Violin, Viola, Cello Ensembles part of The Ron Carter Library
Serenade Full Score for Viola and 4 Cellos part of The Ron Carter Library
Ron Carter Scores for Cello, Violin, Viola
Loose Change part of The Ron Carter Library
2+1=4 part of The Ron Carter Library

Ron Carter Scores for Cello, Violin, Viola

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Four pieces, with scores and parts, written by Ron Carter and arranged for chamber ensembles.  These are a unique part of the Ron Carter Library.

Loose Change and Desert Winds (Los Vientos del Desierto) are each for 4 cellos and are great examples of classical-type writing by a top-flight jazz musician.  Desert Winds also includes a contrabass.  They show the breadth of possibilities for cello, as well as an understanding of the technical capacity of the instrument.  They are a must for cello ensembles.  Desert Winds was written while Carter was stuck in Spain with Miles Davis in 1964.

2+1=4  for cello, violin, viola is Carter's concept of writing for these 3 instruments so that at some junctures you actually hear/feel the sound of 4 instruments.  No fooling around - it takes your entire attention to make this music work!  There is a certain level of necessary difficulty but the players and listeners are rewarded with a great listening experience. 

Serenade: 4 Cellos, Viola:  OK violists, this is your time to shine!  Carter wrote this piece because viola is one of the most ignored instruments of orchestra.  It stands out in the backdrop of 4 cellos.  The viola part is technically demanding but Maestro Carter is sure the violist wouldn't have it any other way.

"Enjoy the light bulb moments"  --  Ron Carter

"I have had the amazing opportunity to play and record the incredible pieces Loose Change and Desert Winds for 4 cellos by Ron Carter. They are both challenging and so much fun to play. These quartets are a gift to cellists everywhere, as well as to anyone who has the joy and delight of hearing them. Thank you, Ron Carter!" -- Carol Buck, NYC cellist

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