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Ron Carter Library From The Bottom Up
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From the Bottom Up

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Not all the books in the Ron Carter Library are written by the Maestro.  When he finds a particularly important and useful manuscript, he makes it available to everyone.

From the Bottom Up by author Gui Duvignau features in-depth interviews with seven master bassists, exploring how they developed their own unique sound, how they maintain their individuality while functioning within the unit that is a band, their sense of time, their technique, amplification, playing in the moment and more.

Every bassist, from beginner to professional can learn from these masters in Mr. Duvignau's thorough treatise.  It's a great addition for teachers to add to their Ron Carter Lesson books.

Interviewees are:

  • Ron Carter
  • Buster Williams
  • Ron McClure
  • Mike Richmond
  • Jay Anderson
  • Drew Gress
  • Christian McBride

Also available in Portuguese at

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