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Every jazz fan and every jazz musician should listen to this stunning autobiography of Maestro Ron Carter. Also every classical, Brazilian and hip-hop musician. Anyone who loves music at all.
Read by the Maestro himself in that famous mellifluous voice, It's part jazz history, part American history, and all Carter history.
A core part of the Ron Carter Library it's a detailed trip through his life including:
*Childhood in Ferndale, MI when he got his first aluminum cello from his public school
*The Miles Davis Years *The recording years as a free lancer with the most influential musicians in multiple genres
*World tours with his many different groups
*Classical music and the Nonet The list goes on....
The book is 12.5 hours with musical intros to each chapter. 
Written by Dan Ouellette
Listen to a sample from the chapter on the co-mingling of jazz and hip hop

"When it's all said and done, remember to bring a little kindness to the table."
                                                                                -Ron Carter

"It's fantastic, absolutely brilliant... I particularly like that he tells the story himself. Lends a higher level of magic to an already magic trip  He da man!"
                                                                                  -Pee Wee Ellis

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